Our talk @3DS about Real Time Collaborative Editing challenges

Earlier this year we’ve been lucky enough to be part of Dassault Système scientific conference cycle. Their campus is certainly one of the most impressive IT office you can find in France which is no surprise when you realize that Dassault is the second software publisher worldwide, in between Microsoft and Adobe. Yes, CAD is a…

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Collaborative Text Editing is now the new standard

And now a few months after Dropbox Paper has been released, Apple has introduced in the new iWork for iCloud.  This means than most companies concerned by text editing are now offering real time concurrent/simultaneous editing as a standard feature. Let’s have a look at real time collaboration big moment at the key note EDIT: apparently Apple don’t…

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Hololens apps will need collaborative editing

Quick intro: in case you’ve missed it, here’s a good showcase from March 30th of the potential Microsoft envisions for Hololens as a platform for professional tools. (you can also watch the whole keynote video.)  Now to get an idea about how much is Microsoft invested in Hololens, just look how they use perfectly produced video to announce… an update.…

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Chunks in need for multi user editing

Facepunch Studio, the team behind Garry’s Mod (W) and its 10 millions of copies sold has just showed something that’s probably the closest to a “killer app” we’ve seen for HTC Vive headsets (W) yet. It’s called Chunks and it looks like Minecraft creative mode on steroïds (and very obviously in Virtual Reality). […]

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