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We've published a cutting edge real time collaborative application with more than 130K users. We created Flip in the process, a universal technology for everyone who wants to do the same. Since then, we're enjoying great integration in big and small applications.


Irisate is a company founded by several of Ohm Force's associates. Created in 2000 Ohm Force first made its name as a software audio effects and instrument maker. They were so ahead of their time than they’re still shipping to this day, pretty much in its original state. 16 years old Ohmboyz delay has still been recently quoted amongst the top products of its category. During that time Ohm Force’s product received numerous top reviews amongst the specialized press as well as a few people you may know from the music industry.

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"A few people you may know from music industry"

In 2007 Ohm Force started to develop Ohm Studio, a major application. Ohm Studio is a full featured professional audio workstation, supporting low latency audio on Mac & PC, 3rd party plugins support, automations, its own graphic library supporting 3D acceleration etc. More importantly for Irisate, it's the first and to this day the most advanced real time collaborative professional application, as a DAW and possibly as a complex tool application.

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Released in October 2013, Ohm Studio has  more than 300K projects and 130K users.

During that development concurrent editing of the same document by multiple users has proven to be a tough nut to crack. There was no 3rd party solution available and the suggested path to build it by ourselves, operational transformation,  was actually a dead end, unable to cope with the flexibility and the performances we needed for that kind of data model and features. So when we finally did it, we made sure other people could benefit from it. We packaged it, named it Flip and let people know in the audio industry that it was now an option. We've immediately been contacted by a industry leader and quickly started Flip's integration within their key product. This has been going efficiently all along 2015 and quickly new companies from various size and culture contacted us to get Flip working. And now here we are, helping other tool creators to bring the real time collaborative revolution to their users!

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